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SOLARIS classic - the solar-powered street light from F8 Solartechnik

SELF-SUFFICIENT and fully automatic

The SOLARIS classic dispenses with additional functions such as dimming or motion detectors. But it does not do without reliable function: it lights up continuously - from sunset to sunrise. So, you can be sure that your car park or a previously dark street will always be adequately illuminated. This makes a significant contribution to safety, whether they are children on their way to school or commuting cyclists. Even at remote bus stops, passengers feel much more comfortable if they don't have to wait in the dark…

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It is not only the quality and service life of the individual components, such as solar module, battery or LED light, that is important to us. The decisive factor for a reliable function is rather the interaction of these components. We use stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised steel for the mast and the solar module mount. The solar module has an excellent efficiency, which ensures that the battery is sufficiently charged even on short, cloudy winter days. The installation of a SOLARIS is sustainable and contributes significantly to the protection of the environment.

You can reach us at +43 5573 83611 or fill in the enquiry form and send it to us.

The solar-powered street light from F8 Solartechnik - SOLARIS classic

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