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Lighting for footpath, bicycle lane and streets with solar energy from F8 Solartechnik


Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy that is converted into electricity by the monocrystalline solar module of the SOLARIS. For the concept of our luminaires, we combine the solar modules with a powerful battery and an efficient LED light. We pay particular attention to ensuring that the batteries are sufficiently charged. Even in the dark season or in cloudy skies, but also in locations with temporary shading by trees or buildings. After all, we guarantee that our luminaires do work reliably.

Solaris Live SOLARIS Classic
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In addition to functional reliability and sustainability, cost-effectiveness is the decisive argument in purchasing a SOLARIS. There is no need to lay power cables or renovate old systems - the SOLARIS is completely self-sufficient and independent of the power grid. The installation is carried out with concrete or screw foundation. There are neither electricity costs nor ongoing maintenance costs. The battery must be replaced after ten years at the earliest; the LEDs have a service life of more than 60,000 hours.

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The solar-powered street light from F8 Solartechnik - SOLARIS classic

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